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Full Service

I’m happy to take care of all of your accounting during the year.  I am a certified bookkeeper with over 20 years experience.  You can save 60% by hiring a full charge bookkeeper over a CPA firm for the majority of your accounting which we are well qualified to do.  

We handle it all, including system setup and transfer.  

Please call or write for an appointment for an evaluation and quote.

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Partial Accounting

Some businesses choose to do much of their accounting in house but may wish to have some things such as payroll and payroll taxes, bank reconciliations, financials or other services performed in addition to their regular in-house work.  Partial accounting services are welcome.

Administrative & marketing

We also perform administrative and marketing services.  This is not our base area of expertise but we enjoy it and learn more every day.  I created this site in all it’s glorious evolving imperfection, and would enjoy working on yours.

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Frequently Asked Questions…

I have half of my education in computer science where I achieved a certification for computer programming in Pascal, the pre-cursor to C++.  After realizing if I continued in computer science I would be trying to compete with people who can afford to work for $1 a day I decided to spend the next 2 years at a regular community college where I completed all the coursework for an associates in accounting.  I did not complete the breadth (unnecessary) requirements to complete that degree.  I tested for many hours with the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers to receive their certification.

I have worked in every known type of business.  I am 50 now and so have over 20 years experience.  About 15 of that is multi-entity experience.  I have been self employed for about 5 years.

List :

Services, manufacturing electronics, construction, landscaping, retail, real estate, non-profit, government subcontractor 

Many small business work with quickbooks so I have too.  As it moves to a subscription model that may change and I’m ready to change as well.  I have had opportunity to work with Sage,  and am most often hired to setup and run completely unknown software such as Rollmaster, or the government program for EPA hazardous waste cleanup contractors.